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Essential oils for Hair: Which ones are the best for your Hair Type

by Adil Patel 03 Feb 2023
Essential oils for Hair: Which ones are the best for your Hair Type

Who doesn’t dream to have healthy hair? Hair is the first thing you notice in someone’s outer personality. We can say that hair enhances our beauty; and nothing can complete our look without a good hairstyle. Our hair boosts our confidence. They make us feel good about ourselves. But for some of us the question arises, how one make his/her hair healthy and manageable? We attempt for die hard efforts to make our hair healthy, shiny and beautiful. Our healthy diet plays an important role to keep our hair healthy. However, the second magical thing we can include in our hair care routine is essential oils for hair. Yes, essential oils are an answer of all type of our hair problems.

Essential oil basically is natural extract of plants. It’s a great gift from earth. We can say it’s a power of the nature from where we can use it in many ways. Essential oils are mainly used for skin care and Hair care as an easiest way to keep our hair healthy. If you are suffering from any kind of hair issues then essential oils are a must try product. They are 100% natural and that’s why they are best oils for hair or we can say best natural oil for hair. Check out some essential oils and give them a try.

1. Peppermint essential Oil

Peppermint essential Oil

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Peppermint oil is the best oil to apply on hair. It increases blood flow to your scalp and also increases hair follicles. It treats lice problems too. Peppermint oil is best for oily scalp and oily hair.

2. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Price: $12.39

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Lavender oil helps to generate new skin cells and promotes hair growth. It is rich in antibacterial properties which cleanses scalp and enhances hair growth process. It has been proved to be a great stress reliever. It is the best oil for healthy hair and applicable for all hair types.

3. Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Price: $13.11

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This oil is enriched with powerful cleansing, antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties. Tea tree oil helps in unplug hair follicles and improve hair growth. Mix 8 to 10 drops of tea tree oil with your shampoo or conditioner and use it daily. Or you can use it with any carrier oil and apply it on scalp before rinsing your hair.

Best Carrier oil for hair

Like essential oils carrier oils are also derived from plants. They are best natural oil for hair as they do no harms. Carrier oils are also vegetable-based oil usually used in skin care and hair care products. They are mostly used to dilute essential oils. Essential oil mixed with carrier oil becomes more effective. Here are some best oils for hair, you must know about them as per your requirement.

1.Fractionated coconut oil

Fractionated Coconut oil


Price: $22.01

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Fractionated coconut oil is the best carrier oil for hair as it is very light and full of health benefits. It is very much different from regular coconut oil as it stays in liquid form. It can be used as hair conditioner to protect hair from split ends problem. You can make coconut oil scalp treatment DIY with this oil. Shop this oil in affordable price online from Nature’s cure -All.

2. Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil

Price: $30.96

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Jojoba oil is a good carrier oil option as it is mild scented and easily overpowered when mixed with essential oils. It contains vitamins like vitamin B and vitamin E. Jojoba oil is good for hair. It is known to prevent dandruff, helps in hair growth and prevent hair loss. Shop it from here.

3. Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

Price: $20.63

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Sweet almond oil is a great moisturizer for both skin and hair. If your hair is losing luster and looking dry this is the best hair oil for dry hair as it is rich in fatty acids. This oil will make your hair frizz free, smooth and silky. And the best thing about it is that it suits all hair types. It contains not only the healing power of damaged hair but it also promotes hair growth.

Want to buy?

Nature’s Cure-All is here to provide you the best and true quality of essential oils. Nature’s- cure All has the solution of your skin problems and Hair problems. We also have best carrier oils for hair. There are number of essential oils available here but the best one for you is totally depends on your hair type or the hair problems you are suffering. You can check out our range of best carrier oil for hair and essential oils for hair online now.


Essential oils are very potent so one should not apply them directly on skin as well as on hair. So you can find both here best essential oil for hair and best carrier oil for hair at Nature’s Cure-All. Choose an essential oil according to your hair type and mix it with any carrier oil of your choice, massage it well and leave overnight. Rinse it off with shampoo and you will feel the touch of magic after regular use. Check out all the essential oils for hair and choose one as per your requirement. You can now shop online on nature’s cure-all.

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