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Works & smells great

This is my favorite toner. No extra ingredients that my skin might react poorly to, moisturizing and toning at the same time, and smells great. I use this after cleansing & before my moisturizer. Let it dry before applying more product.

Great products, great service

Everything we have bought from Natures Cure-All is first rate. The prices are good. Shipping has been fast. What more could you ask for?


Got my order fast 😊 I am hopeful it will Make a difference, thank you

Nature’s Cure-All 5000mg Herbal

Shipping is great.
I suffer with arthritis and this helps me to be more comfortable, especially for night sleep. Thank you


I’m pleased & ready to order again, thank you

Herbal Extract - 5000 MG Tincture

Excellent sleep aid

For all the snake oil companies out there that charge an arm and a leg for CBD oil and pills this is the best for the cost. (although the price has gone up from 23-29$) I am a notorious insomniac and one dropper-full puts me to sleep in less than a half an hour. Now can anyone recommend something similar for pain?

Foot Bath Spa Combo
Frances Steffen
toenail fungus

I am thrilled to have finally found a product that is giving me great results. With daily use I can see results and my toenails are getting healthier. The yellow is disappearing!

Great but was not packaged in original box hopefully is the real thing thank you

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil
Prashanthi Pokala
Para relajarse

Esquisita fragancia

Very potent use only a lil at a time

This is very high quality in my opinion. I have use it in my diffuser and in some DIY hair products. Very strong so a lil does a lot. One of the best cedarwood oils I have used and I will be ordering more definitely will be ordering more

Use for flea prevention

I use this as a spray in combination with lemongrass oil and water to prevent fleas on my dogs because I don't want to give them the standard flea (poison) treatment. This is a good quality oil and works well, so far.

The is an over the moon buy great pedicure at own time and no cost.

I like how easily the water heats up and I awesome like how refined and soft my feet feels after the use


I'm an artist, so my hands are always dry from using so many different mediums. This oil has turned my hands into silk. Love it.

Great foot massager!

I really like this product!

Five Stars

This bottle works great and makes it easy to mix my oils.

Good product

Got it about 2 weeks ago. Used it 4 times Works great.Heater does a good job of keeping the water warm/hot.Bubbles are soothing .From other reviews, I saw that people expected the bubbles to deep massage the soles. That is not possible.The manual rollers are a good addition and so is the complementary bag of the special salt.Deep bin let's me soak up to the ankles .

Great product

Perfect for body scrubs and oils. Light, silky, and absorbs beautifully into the skin

Home spa treatment for low expense

Nice foot hot tub with rollers to ease out tension. A good value for the money.

Love it

WONDERFUL oil. I'm in learning stages of creating essential oils for gifts. This oil is important ingredient.

Nice Fragrances

The fragrances are so nice and potent not a watered down like some others. Will purchase again,

Very good

Works well. No strong odor.

An experiment in self care

I love these products. I bought a diffuser to go with them and every night before bed it’s part of my routine to put a few drops of lavender or “good sleep” in my diffuser and put a few drops on my wrists and behind my ears and I haven’t slept so well in ages. I’m not exactly an “essential oils” person and am 99% sure the routine is psychosomatic but I love how it smells and I feel better, so it’s worth it. None of my bottles were broken or unsealed though I could smell them through the bottle.

Great Product

Works great as a lubricant as well not as much of mess.