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by Adil Patel 03 Feb 2023

From hot and humid to cold and dry climates, they all can cause your skin to react in different ways.

If you’ve done some traveling or have moved around, you’ll likely notice how your skin changes from climate to climate — some weather brings calm, beautiful skin, while others can wreak havoc!

At Nature’s Cure-All, we have skincare products including face and body oils that can support your skin in any climate! Join us in today’s post as we explore how climate affects our skin. 


Many people love what hot, humid climates can do for their skin! There’s likely a good dose of sunshine for a healthy sun-kissed glow and the humidity helps keep skin hydrated and supple, warding off fine lines and wrinkles! 

Needless to say, hot, humid weather is fantastic for dry, mature skin. Alternatively, it can be a nightmare for those with oily or acne-prone skin. The excess humidity causes increased sweating and perspiration, the perfect storm for bacteria to harbor and cause a breakout. 

When you’re in a hot, humid climate, you often won’t need a ton of skincare products if you have drier skin. A simple SPF in the day and rosehip oil at night may truly be all you’ll need. 

For oily and acne-prone skin, the less product the better as well. It’s important to wash your face to help fight any bacteria.

Using a rosewater toner is a great for any skin type and is a great skin refresher — spritz and go!


Cold temperatures (winter) are often followed by low humidity that can dry out just about everyone’s skin! Pair that with blustery winds, and you often find yourself with tight, cracked, red, and irritated skin as a result of the climate. 

Most skin types can benefit from a little extra moisturization in dry, cold climates, making face and body oils such as tamanucastorgrape seed, and almond wonderful skincare options. 

In these climates, it’s also important to avoid extremely hot showers and baths, as it can further dry out your skin and to ensure you’re gently exfoliating your skin a couple of times a week whether it’s with a muslin cloth or face scrub. 


Not only can being in one of these climates for an extended period of time wreak havoc on your skin, but traveling from one climate to another can also trigger certain skin issues. If you’re planning on traveling from one climate to another, there are some great tips to help ease the transition including:

Start adding a little more moisturizer in your skincare routine a couple of days before heading to a dry, cold climate.

  • Stay hydrated (great skin tip for any climate!)
  • Keep your pores healthy and clear with exfoliation before heading to hot, humid climates. 
  • Always have a bottle of rose water with you!

Different climates can affect your skin a myriad of ways — some make your skin feel and look its best, while others can leave you stressed about breakouts. With a little planning and a good skincare regimen in place, you can help transition your skin for any climate. 

Peruse our skincare products at Nature’s Cure-All today!

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