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by Adil Patel 03 Feb 2023

Pamper your skin in the perfect products!

Skincare is big business — and, as you’re inundated with products vying for consideration (and pocketbook), how do you know which skincare products to choose? 

At Nature’s Cure-All, we leave your skincare goals to nature — with high-quality ingredients that are 100% sustainably sourced; you can feel good about what you suds and lather onto your skin, while looking and feeling your best. Learn more about how to choose products that are right for you!

Skincare Label Hunting

Just as you would check the ingredients on your food, you should follow suit with skincare products, and, if their lists are chock full of things you don’t recognize or words you can’t pronounce, there’s a good chance they didn’t come from nature! 

So, what should you look for? Let’s explore below.

Active Ingredients

Nature is powerful, and the best active ingredients are found in nature. It’s important to point out that skincare ingredients are listed in descending order, starting with the most prevalent ones (most abundant) down to the ones that make up 1% or less of the product. So if you’re looking for a product used to treat nail fungus and the last ingredient is oil oregano or tea tree oil, you may want to reconsider that product.

Expiration Date

Active ingredients are typically only active within a date range, so it’s vital that you have a product that’s within its expiration date. Each product will likely have an expiration date or a symbol that may say 6M. This denotes that the product will expire after six months of when it’s first opened. 

Because the skincare oils we carry — rosehip, tamanu, grape seed, almond, castor, etc. — are fresh-pressed, they’ll have a shorter shelf life than most products you’ve likely encountered. To help extend their life, store them in a cool, dark area.

Know Your Skin Type

While your skin type will often fluctuate throughout your life, it’s important to know what it’s doing now! Do you have pre- or post-pregnancy acne-prone skin where you tend to break out more or dry, mature skin where fine lines and wrinkles keep peeking through? 

There are so many skin type varieties, so it’s important to know which products to embrace and which ones to steer clear from. 

  • Dry Skin - Creams, oils, and serums are great for dry skin, lotions, on the other hand, tend to not be as moisturizing.
  • Oily Skin - Believe it or not, oils can be great for most skin types, including oily! Jojoba and rosehip oil are two of the best face oils for oily skin.
  • Sensitive Skin - The best course for sensitive skin is to stay away from a long ingredient list — the fewer the ingredients the better. Face oils such as tamanu and almond have one ingredient and are a great base for those with sensitive skin.

From knowing what’s on the label — the ingredients, expiration date, etc. — to your skincare type, these are all things that factor into choosing a skincare product that’s right for you!

Shop our myriad of skincare essentials from our best-selling anti-fungal nail treatment pen to a variety of face and body oils, all at Nature’s Cure-All.

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