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by Adil Patel 03 Feb 2023

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant essences that deliver potent chemical compounds through a variety of delivery methods, benefiting you from all the energetic properties they bear!

At Nature’s Cure-All, we’ve crafted a myriad of essential oils to aid you in your aromatherapy quest! Take a moment with us today to learn more about the different delivery methods of essential oils to help you on your health and wellness journey!

5 Different Ways To Use Essential Oils 

Essential oils are most commonly used for their benefits in aromatherapy supporting our emotional wellness and can be used in aromatherapy in a variety of ways.


One of the most common ways to reap the benefits of essential oils is through an electronic or candle-burning diffuser.

Electronic diffusers diffuse essential oils when they’re added to water or onto a pad. 

Candle-burning diffusers use heat to disperse the essential oils, where the oils are added to a dish above with the candle heating it directly below. 

People enjoy diffusers because they offer  a great way to reap the benefits of the oils throughout a room while making your home smell spectacular!


Adding essential oils to your bath is a great way to get their properties in a concentrated space. It’s vital that you use oils that are not desensitizing or irritating and that you use them in the proper dilution. Eight drops is typically a good amount for the bath, and right before you get in, make sure to swirl them around.  

You can also further dilute them in a moisturizing carrier oil or in milk or honey for any extra luxurious bath! Common essentials oils to add to your bath are lavender and chamomile for calm and relaxation. 


If you’re dealing with any upper respiratory issues, a homemade chest rub with a few key essential oils can be extremely helpful. Clearing essential oils include eucalyptus, fir, and rosemary. 

Blend a small amount at a time with your preferred carrier oil — a couple of drops of essential oil to a tablespoon or so of carrier oil.

For larger quantities, blend 10-30 drops into 30ml of a carrier oil.


Many essential oils have antiseptic and antibacterial properties, which make them ideal for mouth health. Add a couple of drops of an essential oil to a cup of water, and swish around. Do not swallow. 

Common mouthwash essential oils include:


For a quick way to reap the benefits of essential oils, you can add a couple of drops to a spray bottle filled with filtered water and spray around the room or onto your body.

This is also a great way to add essential oils to your pillowcase or sheets for calm, restorative sleep!

There are a variety of ways to use essential oils from diffusing them to using them as a room or body spray that provides so many benefits such as nervous system support (stress and anxiety), sleep support, hormone balance, and beyond!  

Level up your essential oil collection with Nature’s Cure-All today!  

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