Custom packaging

Looking for a different way to package an existing brand? Need a packaging solution for your new product launch? At Nature’s Cure-All, we do more than just provide world-class organic essential oils products. We also offer a variety of custom packaging programs that will revolutionize your packaging design and manufacturing experience! 

We specialize in developing thoughtful and well-executed packaging solutions that help our customers achieve their business needs. We take pride in our spirit of innovation. Based on your goals, brand, and budget, we’ll come up with custom packaging that properly conveys the structure of your business, the story of the owner, and the product’s branding.

Here are the basic packaging programs we offer for our clients. Contact us to learn more or chat about your packaging needs today!


We can deliver high-quality flexible packaging, drawing on our experience manufacturing our own in-house packaging for our brands and our clients. We are set apart from our competition by our use of digital printing technology, our fully automated production line, and our local partnerships to help us achieve any voice and style.

Superior packaging: Our production line is fully automated for liquid filling, capping, induction sealing, shrinking, and labelling. We also offer full-body shrink sleeving via steam tunnel!

Superior printing: Utilizing our local partners, we can source all styles, sizes, and colors of plastic bottles and glass bottles to reduce freight and optimize speed to market. We use offset-printed, full-color, waterproof labels with lamination in both glossy and matte finishes!

Superior design: Need some help finding your brand’s look and voice? We have the ability to design and print custom boxes in-house. We emphasize helping you develop a look that properly showcases your brand! Upon receipt of your artwork, our branding team will create several “layouts” to show you how your logo will look on all your product containers and/or boxes. The approximate lead-time for pre-formed products is 2-3 weeks from the date you approve artwork.

What kinds of products can we package? 

We can fill bottles with liquid supplements like:

  • Dietary Supplement Oils
  • Hemp Oils
  • All-Natural Essential Oils
  • Base/Carrier Oils
  • Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • And more!

Let us manage your next packaging and bottling project from start to finish. 

Ready to get started?

Contact us at to receive your free quote and get your project started. Please provide the following details:

  • Bottle style and size
  • Closure style and size
  • Label information
  • What raw packaging components you will supply and what components you would like Nature’s Cure-All to supply?
  • Fill weight and quantity per bottle
  • Induction seal requirements
  • Number of bottles packed into a shipping case
  • Date/lot code requirements
  • 1st production run quantity and estimated annual volume


We are packaging experts! Our forte is in creating custom-printed boxes that help you develop the right look for showcasing your brand. Your shipping boxes and packing materials are seen everywhere your business goes, so they deserve proper attention. From brick and mortar storefronts to shopping bags to homes to online, your brand must make a statement. With our innovative packaging solutions, you can create a large impact on even the smallest of budgets.

Our product capabilities include: in-house pre-press services, plate making, UV coating, embossing, and windowing. We offer boxes for: Essential Oils, Gift Sets, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Supplements, Cake/Bakery, Corrugated Single or Double Wall, Shipping Boxes and boxes that haven't been dreamed up yet! We can perform all kinds of laminations including: Matte, Glossy, UV, Hybrid, and more.



Here is the process we follow with all our clients:

A. Pick out a box shape and size. Email us your artwork and your logo. Upon receipt of your payment, our Branding Team will get to work on creating great-looking, customized, and branded package layouts that display your personalized design, logo, or photo.

B. Layouts are delivered to you via email within 3-5 business days from the time of payment, assuming good communication from you. If you prolong approval of your layouts, delays will occur, but we’ll keep you on track!

C. Once you’re happy with your design and deem your layouts worthy, your printing plate(s) will be created. Thereafter, whenever you place an order, your printing plate(s) will be used to create your exclusively branded, retail-ready boxes.

D. To process your first order, please allow us approximately 2-3 weeks after you have approved your layouts and order payment has been received. Repeat orders are typically faster. Payment in full is required before processing your printing order.

E. Pack and ship your box and let it become a walking billboard for your business! Wherever that box or mailer goes in the world, it’ll be marketing to everyone who sees it and saying what you can’t. So? Let’s do it!

Contact us today at and get your project started.



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